How to use the Brew & Save

You've got your preferred (and compatible) single service coffee machine and the Brew & Save in hand - it's time to make some coffee! But wait, how do I use this thing? 

The great news is that it's not difficult at all, just follow these 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Open the Brew & Save® lid and fill 2/3 - 3/4 with coffee. Use a standard drip grind for flat bottom filters. There is no need to remove the filter holder. Use as you would a K-Cup® pack. 

Step 2

Close the lid of the Brew & Save firmly and place in the Keurig® filter holder. You should feel no resistance when inserting the Brew & Save® in the Keurig® holder. Be sure there are no grounds on the rim.

Step 3

Close the Keurig®, select size and brew! Remove and rinse your Brew & Save® unit thoroughly. 

Brew & Save tips for great coffee!

Don't overfill:

Overfilling will result in a poor extraction.

Use a standard drip grind:

Too fine of a grind can restrict flow or possibly result in no flow at all. Too coarse and water will flow through too fast and result in weak coffee.

Use fresh ground coffee:

Use the freshest coffee possible to ensure a good tasting cup of coffee.

Use filtered water:

For optimum taste results, use filtered water.

Keep it clean:

Clean immediately after use.
Wash Brew & Save once a week in the dishwasher or soak in a vinegar and water solution for one hour to remove oils that collect in the screen mesh.

Before using, rinse thoroughly with hot water.