Save Money!

Save Hundreds of Dollars a Year with your new Brew & Save!

You can save up to 70% over the cos

t of the K-Cup® packs by grinding your own coffee and using the Brew & Save reusable filter. 

In a household where two people each make a daily cup of gourmet coffee, it'

s easily possible to consume 700 K-Cup® pods a year. Getting 55 Brew & Save fills from a one pound bag of your favorite coffee delivers huge savings (and the same convenience!) over disposable K-Cup® pods. In a conservative comparison, a $10 pound of coffee yields servings costing 20 cents each, compared to 70 cents for each K-Cup®.

The savings of 50 cents over 700 servings... $350 a year!  

Single serve coffee makers are great - but the waste isn't!

Buying K-Cup® packs and then throwing them away afterwards is expensive and creates waste - a real and unnecessary burden on the 

environment. Filling your own favorite coffee in the Brew & Save not only saves the pod packaging waste, but the packaging the K-Cup® pods often come in. The Brew & Save will last years properly cared for. 

Freedom of Choice - Your Coffee, Your Way!

This simple and cost-effective product opens up a host of coffee drinking options to you. Do you have a favorite roaster, blend, or flavor you love? Or, do you roast your own coffee? Now you can take charge and have a better coffee drinking experience. Just buy the Brew & Save reusable filter at your local retailer, follow our easy instructions, and enjoy your next cup knowing that you're saving money and helping the environment.

Check out our FAQ for common questions and don't forget to make sure that you have a compatible machine.